World´s Craziest and Funkiest Community aka Memecoin

Pulsefeg has learned a few tricks from his parents Pulsechain and Feg and is on a mission to impress them.

He is fast, deflationary, and rewards his holders with static reflections. Yes, you heard it, more pulsefeg coins will be automatically added to your wallet each transaction.

Simply show some love and get paid to hold.


Manual Burns: we will burn 10% of the initial supply and will conduct regular burns from our buyback wallet.

Rewards Holding: 1% of each transaction is redistributed to pulsefeg holders. That means you can earn more Pulsefeg Coins by just holding them in your wallet.

Locked Liquidity: Majority of initial LP tokens locked

Contest and Giveaways: We will hold regular contests and giveaways for our holders.

Unique features: BNB that is collected in the marketing wallet will also be used feed the miner apes finance teams miners. That way this ensures their miners stay full and their community can continue enjoying the steady passive income.

Contract Address: 0x1e5dd94a6d7190ab77f834e2ccdf9072597ae4e3

Coming soon


token distribution

40% Presale

10% Burn

3% Team

25% partnerships, cex and marketing

22% Liquidity pool

token Utility

2% buyback

2% marketing

1% RFI

audit by techrate


Phase 1
✓ Targeted marketing campaign to spread awareness
✓ Website launch
✓ 1000 telegram members
✓ Brand/Meme development
Phase 1
Phase 2
- Listing on coin gecko
✓ 3000 telegram members
✓ Third party audit
✓ 1 million Mcap
Phase 2
Phase 3
- 5000 telegram members
- Use case announcement: Pulse feg miner launch
- 2 million Mcap
- Dashboard development
Phase 3
Phase 4
- 10 000 telegram members
- 5 million Mcap
- NFT development
- Use case development
- Dashboard launch
Phase 4
Phase 5
- 20 000 telegram members
- 10 million Mcap
- NFT Launch
- Use case launch
- Pulsechain Airdrop
Phase 5
Endless Journey
- Pulsefeg Mania
Endless Journey